Covid-19 Newsletter, 21 April 2020


To the people of Nova Scotia.

Our condolences to all of you in the wake of this tragedy.

We share your grief.

Dear neighbours, 

What a strange time this is. But it’s very impressive how we are all rising to the occasion. All of us seem to be doing what our governments have asked us to do. (Although we have to say that wearing a mask is an uncomfortable and steamy experience – our hats are off to the front-line workers and retail clerks who wear them all day!) Many of us are out walking every day, and have you noticed how friendly and neighbourly we all are? Out of this crisis something good seems to be happening, and it is very nice. Some of you have begun leaving inspirational messages on sidewalks and signs. Check out to see what we mean. Click on any of the photos to scroll through them. To all you creative people, keep it up! We need this! 

Community Support

 We are still offering community support to those who need assistance with necessities:


Ø Groceries

Ø Drug store items or prescriptions

Ø Phone call check-ins

Click here to request assistance. Please provide contact information.


Ø Shopping (deliveries at front door – no in-person contact)

Ø Mailbox pick-ups

Ø Point of contact for alerts

Click here to advise how you can help. Please provide contact information. 

Drive-By Parties

 New and really neat in some communities at this time are Drive-By Parties for kids who could otherwise miss out on a party to celebrate their birthday – or some other special occasion. If you would like to organize a drive-by party for someone special, get in touch with us at and we will help set it up. Try to give us reasonable advance notice! 

Donations Needed

 Our hospital, medical centres, and local charities helping with seniors, children and the most in-need among us are still running dangerously short of materials and funds. We urge anyone who can to give generously. The Oakville Community Foundation’s website has a great page which identifies groups which need help, along with their links: 

Coronavirus - a book for children


Nosy Crow, a British children’s book publisher, has produced a book about Covid-19 Coronavirus just for children - and it’s available as a FREE download.  Axel Scheffler, illustrator of the award winning Gruffalo, and everyone else involved donated their time to produce it. Please share it amongst your friends so that it’s available to every family who needs it.  DOWNLOAD THE BOOK HERE 

Latest Newsletter from our Ward 3 Councillors

 Click here for the April 17 newsletter from Councillors Janet Haslett-Theall and Dave Gittings.   It is full of useful updates, as well as an extensive list of counselling services and their contact details. 

Downtown Businesses

 Small businesses are both the largest employers in Ontario and arguably the most vulnerable at this time. The Lakeshore Road reconstruction project (click here for status) has been hard enough for our Downtown businesses. The Covid-19 emergency on top is a calamity. Some Downtown businesses may not survive. However, many are soldiering on bravely with on-line offerings, home deliveries, and take-out food. They need our help. The Downtown BIA’s website has constantly updated details of their offerings:  Sharlene Plewman, Executive Director of the BIA reports that the Downtown merchants are so grateful for the support they are experiencing from the community, stating “the love and support they are receiving has been really uplifting and essential in these extremely hard times. Thank you for your continued support”. The BIA offers various ways to reach the businesses via online events such as live auctions, an Instagram Live series, and even a virtual version of their annual Sidewalk Sale, May 28 – 31. Visit or their social media feeds for more details. 

TCRA Annual Meeting

 The TCRA Annual General Meeting has been postponed until further notice. We are looking at various options, including the possibility of holding an entirely electronic meeting using video-conferencing technology. We will advise you of the date and format of the meeting as soon as we can. 


Stay safe and well!

Carolyn McMinn

Vice President and Director, Community Relations