Covid-19 Newsletter, 31 March 2020



Dear neighbours, 

The last two weeks have changed our lives. We are living in unprecedented times. The TCRA wants to do what we can to help. 

Our governments and councils are doing a great job of dealing with the crisis and its impact on our lives. Our health-care workers are the heroes among us. We owe them so much.

Mayor Burton has challenged Oakville’s community groups and residents’ associations to help by looking out for the most vulnerable among us, those less able to get out due to their age, compromised immune system, infirmity, sickness, or quarantine.

To support those in need of help, we are offering community support to those who need assistance with necessities ….


Ø Groceries

Ø Drug store items or prescriptions

Ø Phone call check-ins

Click here to request assistance. Please provide contact information. 


Ø Shopping (deliveries at front door – no in-person contact)

Ø Mailbox pick-ups

Ø Point of contact for alerts

Click here to advise how you can help. Please provide contact information.


Note:  Volunteering does not include transportation or person-to-person contact.

Our hospital, medical centres, and local charities helping with seniors, children and the most in-need among us are running dangerously short of materials and funds. We urge anyone who can to give generously. The Oakville Community Foundation’s website has a great page which identifies groups which need help, along with their links:

The Town’s website now has a section dedicated to the Covid-19 emergency, It is full of information on the emergency and links to the Town’s and Region’s responses. It is the “go-to” place for detailed information and advice. The Town has also indicated that it is deferring the due date for the April 24th property tax instalment until June 30, 2020.  Details can be obtained here.  In addition, Mayor Burton is issuing newsletter updates almost daily. You can sign up for them here.

Our Ward 3 Councillors, Janet Haslett-Theall (289 887 3923, and Dave Gittings (905 844 5513, are available to assist.  Together, they issue a weekly newsletter packed with information, most of it now Covid-19 related.  You can subscribe here .. Subscribe to our Email List.

Small businesses are both the largest employers in Ontario and arguably the most vulnerable at this time. This emergency on top of the effect of the Lakeshore Road reconstruction is a calamity for our Downtown businesses. Many may not survive. However, most are soldiering on bravely with on-line offerings, home deliveries, and take-out food. They need our help. The Downtown BIA’s website details their offerings:

The last thing (we promise!): our sister association across the 16 Mile Creek, the West River Residents Association, has put together a list of “Virtual tours and Activities” that are great for the whole family! Click on this  link.

Stay well!

Carolyn McMinn

Vice President and Director, Community Relations