December 2019  

Details of the re-zoning application can be found here on the Town website. The land concerned is at the north-east corner of Cornwall and Trafalgar. The Beertown and Indigo buildings currently occupy the site.  It falls within the Oakville Midtown Growth Area, one of the six areas within Oakville slated for intensification, in line with the Province’s directive for urban intensification. 

TCRA representatives attended a public information presentation, hosted by First Capital, in May 2019. Two main concerns voiced by those attending were:

> Increased congestion at the already busy Trafalgar/Cornwall intersection due to the proposed high-density (a 14 storey tower and a 19 storey tower). 

> The proposed buildings as shown in an artist’s rendering are completely visually inconsistent with the other buildings in the immediate vicinity.

TCRA believes that construction should be delayed until necessary changes to the road network and other infrastructure in the vicinity are made. The changes are a prerequisite to intensification. We will continue to monitor this project.