Our Mission

  1. To represent the views of the residents of the Trafalgar-Chartwell community on any subject of general concern to a significant number of residents;

  2. To monitor the activities of any parties, agencies, councils or governments whose actions or plans affect the general interests of the residents of our community; to work constructively with them as appropriate;

  3. To foster a sense of community by engaging with residents in a variety of ways – newsletters, surveys, electronic media, door-to-door campaigns, general meetings, neighbourhood events, …; the purpose of this is to ensure that community views may be captured with confidence and that the community can be mobilized when necessary;

  4. To assist any other similar groups in Oakville whose purposes are compatible with ours and directed towards to the good of our community and/or Oakville generally.

The foregoing we believe to be broad enough to capture our purpose without restricting our activities.  It will allow future Boards to adopt specific objectives or programs as might be appropriate at the time. We believe very strongly that the Board must avoid getting embroiled in "neighbours" issues and only involve itself in matters of general significance which affect the community as a whole.


The TCRA will be concerned with the "pulse" of area residents to be certain that issues that affect a majority of residents are being identified.

There is no desire, nor should there be, for the TCRA to encroach on the functions of the elected officials or the paid staffs of the parties, agencies, etc. with whom we work from time to time.  The TCRA more properly must fill the role of a watchdog to carefully monitor any activity or legislation which affects our community.

To further expand the general purposes as set out above the Board should consider all projects or activities under the following 4 key categories:

  1. Residential - the impact of plans on residential enclaves and properties; protection of the community’s historical districts;

  2. Commercial – the impact of plans on our commercial districts; specifically, preservation of healthy and varied commerce within our community;

  3. Services – delivery and maintenance of education, health services, long-term care for seniors, social programs, public transportation, security services, …;

  4. Traffic – streamlined access to Downtown and Midtown through our community while preserving property values and quality-of-life;  the same for exit from our community to other parts of Oakville and the broader region.