7 December 2019

The Town now owns the old Hospital Lands (including the old high school).  The old hospital has been demolished and construction of the new Oakville Trafalgar Community Centre is well underway.  Learn more here.  

The multi-story parking lot has been preserved to serve the Centre, a proposed new park and Wyndham Manor.  Its exterior will be improved to be visually consistent with the Community Centre. 


The land along the south side of MacDonald between Reynolds and Allan, the west side of Allan north of the parking garage, and along the east side of a new street penetrating the site from MacDonald has been designated residential.  The Town intends selling this land for development.  So far, the Town has not accepted any proposals.  Learn more here

The land south of the parking garage along Allan has been designated "Seniors Oriented Housing".  So far, this term has not been defined.  Last year, the Town solicited "Expressions of Interest" in creative solutions which could include the former Oakville Trafalgar High School and its forecourt.  Learn more here.

The overall Project Timeline can be found here