9 December 2019

Old OTHS Restoration

Oakville Galleries Proposal

The Oakville Galleries Og2, with an internationally renowned art collection, has been seeking a location for several years to bring its collection under one roof, to showcase additional collections that it does not have space for today, and to allow it to continue to support community programs. 

It has come forward with a proposal to restore the old OTHS to museum-standard - estimated at $34 million. A significant amount of the capital may be available through the Ministry of Infrastructure, “Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program’s (ICIP Community, Culture and Recreation)”. The Town has partnered with the Og2 in its application for a grant under the Infrastructure Program and has committed to providing $3.1 million towards the project. The balance would have to be raised through a major funding campaign.

The TCRA supports this exciting concept. We believe that it would be a great use of the old OTHS building, preserving it as an asset for the whole Town. We think that the Oakville Galleries can successfully raise the necessary funds through a combination of government grants and private donations. Click here for details from the Town’s Special Council Meeting on November 5, 2019.